i'm david
and i love you.

hey guys sorry for never being on~
I’m doing pretty alright though. since I haven’t been on in a while, I’m going to post some selfiesss c:

this is harley. harley is my boyfriend. harley is cute. harley is the fucking best. i love harley~

hi guyss. sorry I don’t come on anymore /: idk since life is pretty good rn I think that’s why I don’t update lol. I’ve been with my bf now for a lil over a month. and things are going so great. I’m with him literally 24/7 and ah idk. he’s really special. and the fuckanng best~~

sorry I haven’t been on lately and chances are that’s not going to change lol.
I’ve been with my boyyyfriend just about nonstop.. So ya, sorrrry :c
I’m sure you all understand though. .
Cute/amazing/perfect bf > EVERYTHING ELSE.

“Then time began to flow again and the emptiness grew larger.”

Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea